Bank Development Strategy


The Board of Directors of the Bank approved a Sustainable Development Strategy for the period till 2015 on the basis of environmental conditions and assessment of CHELINDBANK position in the banking services market. This strategy assumes a further Bank development within the framework of its mission as a large universal bank in the Ural region in the first place. Business model is a highly technological provision of basic banking services to companies and their employees, individual private entrepreneurs and individuals in the Ural region, mainly in the Chelyabinsk Region.

The Bank's main lines of business under the Sustainable Development Strategy include:

  1. Increase of business volumes in the Bank's basic lines of business in order to increase income from provision of banking services;
  2. Maintenance of high liquidity and capital sufficiency indicators, an adequate level of reserves on loans, and a balance of assets and liabilities to ensure a sustainable Bank development;
  3. A qualitative credit portfolio growth and an increase of its diversification by rising the share of retail credits and credits to small and medium-size business, and a reduction of the level of overdue debts and losses on credits;
  4. Increase the credit product affordability to all categories of customers by simplifying procedures, reducing the decision-making time and by increasing rate and term differentiation depending on risk level;
  5. Increase of the Bank orientation to customers by improving account management in both corporate and retail market to ensure an integrated product and service promotion and to more effectively work with the potential customer base;
  6. Introducing new banking and information technologies increasing the account management intensity as a basis for increasing the account management level;
  7. Development of the remote banking systems and customer self-service systems;
  8. Significant increase of the volumes of attracted interbank credits to raise the credit portfolio and to diversify the resource base, which will require the transition to a qualitatively new level of work with financial institutions;
  9. Introducing new banking technologies to change the specialization structure of the Bank employees engaged in account management and integrated sale of products and services;
  10. Continuous improvement of the existing business model by gradual improvements strengthening the Bank's competitive advantages such as customers' confidence, affordability of the Bank services to a broad range of customers, high service culture, and decision-making efficiency;
  11. Monitoring of the Bank performance, analysis of the competitive environment and timely correction of the Bank targets and the Bank subdivisions business plans on an ongoing basis.

OJSC CHELINDBANK Development Conception for the period till 2010

Improvement of banking efficiency due to high-quality banking services for enterprises, companies, their employees, sole entrepreneurs and individuals in the Urals region is the main objective of CHELINDBANK.

Customers attracted by the Bank ability to be a competent and reliable financial partner with a wide range of modern banking services in accordance with mutual advantage principle are the key Customers for the Bank.

Quality, speed, processability of services shall be the final goal for arrangement of business processes in the Bank and provide Customers with a 24-hour access to information and services. Customers shall be serviced by any branch or subsidiary office of the Bank irrespective of the place of account opening. The Bank offers to increase number of sales points in the Chelyabinsk region, and develop Customers service network outside the region . mainly in the Urals.

The main Customers. values are created by the Bank personnel, that is why the Bank is increasing level of their education and loyalty. The personnel skills are the main development factors, and their work is paid according to personal contribution of each employee to the process of achieving goals.

For the purpose of full Customers. satisfaction and long-term increase of business value for the shareholders, the Bank shall triple its assets by 2010 providing annual profitability of assets on the level not less than 1,5%, and own capital profitability . not less than 10%. Profit will become the basis for appropriate growth of the Bank own capital.

To achieve the stated goals the Bank shall substantially expand partnership relations with international financial organizations, banks, and strategic alliances with other companies for the purposes of getting access to new opportunities.

The Bank shall strengthen and develop its current competitive advantages that are Customers trust, affordable services for a wide range of Customers, high service culture and decision-making efficiency.

The Main Strategic Objectives and Tasks of OJSC «CHELINDBANK» for 2006-2007

The main objectives and tasks of the Bank for 2006-2007 are defined by the Bank Development Conception till 2010. In 2006-2007 the Bank is planning to increase the assets by not less than 30% per year with assets profitability level not lower than 1,5% that will allow to presume and strengthen the positions of one of the largest banks of the Urals region.

For achieving this objective it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

  1. To provide not less than a double gain of the Bank own capital for the 2 year period with return on equity not less than 10%, including increase of the Share capital up to 800 mln roubles by the end of 2007. 
  2. To implement modern methods of Customer relations management, improve Customer service technology; intensify Customer oriented approach in the Bank operation by the development of corresponding structural divisions.
  3. To develop all kinds of credit services including credit financing of corporate Customers, leasing, small business and individuals. financing with increase of advances portfolio by not less than 1,6 times.
  4. To increase volumes of individuals. credit financing up to 50% from the whole advance portfolio by the end of 2007 with the help of developing consumer, mortgage and bank card credit financing.
  5. To save and improve the Bank positions in the individuals. deposit funding market of the Chelyabinsk region. To provide an annual deposit gain of individuals by not less than 35%, increase a share of multiple year deposits in the whole amount of deposits up to 50% by the end of 2007.
  6. To save corporate funds in the Bank liabilities on the level not less than 20% by saving the existing Customer base and attracting new Customers, and expanding the deposit services product line.
  7. To diversify the Bank urgent resource base by attracting loans from international financial organizations, by syndicate loans, and debentures issue.
  8. To develop modern banking services including individuals. clearing settlement, emission and acquiring of VISA international cards, foreign economic services, investment banking services for the purposes of complex Customer service and increase of non-interest income of the Bank.
  9. To develop banking technologies and information systems of the Bank.
  10. To improve the Bank organizational structure, develop Customer service network.
  11. To develop management systems including corporate management, strategic and budget planning, banking risks management and internal control systems.
  12. To take permanent internal control measures against legalization of proceeds from crimes.
  13. To increase professional level and efficiency of the Bank personnel, improve methods of personnel motivating.
  14. To develop cooperation with the Bank business partners.
  15. To develop the brand of CHELINDBANK as a major, reliable Bank with modern Customer service technologies.